Statement of the La brecha group (previous majority of SR) on the stealing of money by John Hird and ISA leadership

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Statement of the La brecha group (previous majority of Socialismo Revolucionario ex section of ISA -International Socialist Alternative ) on the stealing of money by John Hird and ISA leadership

It is with great sadness that we have to report, despite numerous friendly approaches over many months to John Hird to share the finances of SR equally after the majority of us decided to leave ISA, he has not done so and has made it clear he will not. We consider this a theft of our resources. Stealing from a worker’s organisations is very serious in our opinion and cannot go unreported so we make a short statement here for public record.

SR had ceased to function organisationally for over a year before our departure, the few meetings that took place were often difficult and toxic. There was significant debate within the group and on the international level, on organisational and political questions with written and verbal exchanges. The Majority of the Spanish group came to the conclusion that after a year of exchange and the inability for us to organise together there was nothing further to discuss with John or the International leadership.

On our departure we made what we felt was a generous offer to John as the only individual left in the Spanish section that wished to stay with ISA. We offered him important social media and a 50% of the money which we understood to be well over €3000. John was treasurer of the group.

John uses as an excuse there was no final meeting as some sort of democratic cover for his actions. We chose not to have this meeting as the level of toxicity was such that we saw no value apart from more accusations

John has refused to hand over 50% of the financial resources saying that the decision has been made with the ISA leadership. This money is from all the subs paying members living in Spain and not the money of an international leadership or John. It is with the typical arrogance that was a feature of the debate that they believe they can take this money ignoring a more than fair split of common resources.

It is also of the highest hypocrisy. The Present ISA leadership including John correctly complained at the CWI international leadership when they, as a minority, did not pass any of the resources to the CWI majority (which became the ISA) in the 2019 split. John himself, when we were expelled from IR, also demanded repeatedly for his subs to be returned.

As a group we wished to pursue a non-sectarian approach to all on the revolutionary left including people of the ISA. Unfortunately, we cannot extend a comradely approach to people who steal money from other comrades.

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